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Lead score tracking
You know that you can use a Marketing Automation system like Otto to score your leads based on things like:
  • they get a +1 score for clicking a link in an e-mail,
  • they get a +1 score if they also return to a web-site a few weeks after they've clicked that link,
  • they get an even higher score, say +10, if they go to a page you deem is even more commercially interesting, perhaps your pricing-page,
  • they get a lower score, say -5, if they go to your career-pages since this may mean they are commercially less interesting.
But these ways all use the lead-score over just one dimension, from less to more interesting.

What about if you have completely different sets of categories, e.g. existing clients who log into "MyPages", and potential clients who just browse your site?

Multi-category scoring
By assigning completely different sets of figures, you'll be able to categorize contacts according to multiple dimensions or scales if you like.
You can e.g. assign contacts a +1 score for each visit on your logged-in account or "MyPages", and +1000 for each external web-page (if you don't have so many, otherwise, perhaps you should reverse the order). This would mean that you'd be able to see users who really use your service a lot (they would likely have numbers in the upper tens) or >1010, while frequently returning web-visitors who would not yet be clients would have even thousands in lead score.

Selecting them for segmentation
In Otto, you would be able to search for these different values, and you could use the Action Pane in order to separate these into different lists, or to subscribe them to different follow-up sequences.

How do I get started?

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