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Soon you will be able to use Google Reviews, Google Analytics, to set up Web Conversion, Lead Capturing, Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing Campaigns as well in theory as in practice!
  • Seminarium - Webbkonvertering & Google Analytics

    • This seminar is about the 99% web-site visitors who don't say Hi.

      The objectives of the seminar
      You'll know how to start to analyze your web-site traffic, and what really makes a difference.
      You'll also get examples to use to test to increase your web-site conversion.
    €180,00EUR One Time
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  • Marketing Automation Certification (incl. Otto Standard Trial) [CRT]

    • Instructor-led webinars Starts on Friday at 13.30 CET Time
    • For a total of four (4) Weeks Duration
    • 3 x 45 min instructor-led webinars (re-play video will be available after) plus exercises and a final on-line exam plus a Marketing Automation system for the duration of your certification period (Otto), so you will not only be familiar with WHAT it is, and WHY to do it, but also more hands-on HOW you do it in Practice
    • You will get one certification diploma including LinkedIn badge in Marketing Automation and one additional badge in Otto certification
    €199,00EUR One Time
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  • Course: How to Maximize Google Reviews

    €247,00EUR One Time
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