(Trigger API - Advanced): Add contacts to trigger sequences of information from other system through Marketing Automation API

You can add one contact at a time through using HTTP POST or GET to a URL that you will receive from Sonician.

If there are duplicate e-mail addresses a new contact will not be added, but a subscription to a new sequence will be added.

The following variables are mandatory:

  • a=sub (to subscribe a person)
  • email=[e-mailaddress] (to add the e-mailaddress)
  • seq=[sequnce-number] (to state which sequence the contact should be added to)
  • sender=[sender-id] (to state which should be the sender to this contact)

There are plenty of optional values that can be used, including custom information. You can use e.g.:

email firstname lastname address_1 address_2 turnover
city state zipcode country phone_1 profit
phone_2 cellphone fax organisation website registration_year
title department ref timezone organisation_number industry
custom_1 custom_2 custom_3 etc number_of_employees  
  • ref = REFERRAL SOURCE and is for your grouping/reference only and will be directly visible in your Otto contacts list.
  • timezone accepts values: 0 (default), +1 to +12, -1 to -12, and will accept 'half-hour' time-zones, e.g. +3.5
  • country accepts 2-digit ISO-standard (ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code) according to: www.iso.org/iso/country_names_and_code_elements
  • state accept 2-digit FIPS 5-2 codes according to: www.itl.nist.gov/fipspubs/fip5-2.htm
The minimum link if you choose to use a get-request to add nn@company.com to sequence id 1 and with the sender with id 1 is therefore:


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