Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

About the web-pages

We strive to keep accurate and updated information on our web-pages but can not leave any guarantees that it always is. The information can be intended for both the general public and enterprises.

Privacy Act

Where you provide personal information, these will be used by Sonician to send you the information you request and to support you in your knowledge and support you if you are a customer. When registering to use the sites or when you otherwise provide information, such as to receive updates via e-mail, we will collect personally identifiable information about you, such as your name, email address and other information that you provide. By using our website or by registering as a user of the services we offer, you agree that we may use the information you provide. Sonician can also be treating your personal data and other information that you voluntarily leave for statistical and marketing purposes. Sonician is the company that controls that the personal information about you is treated in accordance with the applicable law. We may get information about your opinion, such as if you ask questions to us. We do not use this information in any other way than to give you the best possible service. We will also use it to be able to analyze wants and needs including web- and IP-analytics and tracking to provide as relevant information as possible. We aim to keep all such information as non-intrusive as is reasonably possible, and will provide you the option to decline the information at any time, or to be deleted. We will keep your data safe-guarded in our servers located within the EU to comply with GDPR, and we will keep them for as long as we believe we have relevant services available for you, unless you choose to not further receive it. At all times, you will be able to see what data we have about you, and we will only share the information with members of staff or 3rd parties who are directly involved with our services and they will not be able to use your data for their own purposes.

Information from Cnvert

Cnvert will send out newsletters to interested parties 6-8 times a year and / or when there are any important news. As a stakeholder (without being a customer) you can always opt out of receiving further information from Cnvert.

Being a client with Cnvert

Cnvert generally installs Otto® in the cloud although the actual production server is possible to install stand-alone. Even in the cloud, the production server and its database backup are two different entities in two different datacenters.

Actual server-side software is encrypted and made impossible to tamper with, and can only be run from a set server using a license-key system. Each user has his/her own administration user account, and an employee who is no longer employed can have his/her account set to disabled (in order to preserve contact history).

In order to ensure that only correct users can reach confidential data within Sonician, all logins and passwords are stored in a Keepass encrypted password file, and the key to unlock the logins/passwords for usage is kept by a master-passphrase per employee, and this master-passphrase will be made inaccessible if, e.g. an employee would cease to be employed by Cnvert.


Our sites use cookies. Cookies are small files sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive. Most likely, the creation and transfer of cookies to your hard drive takes place when you first register at the site but may do it from entering the site. The cookie is used exclusively to provide faster access to the site and the information you want and traceability in the event that you come to us by an affiliate. Most types of web browsers accept cookies, but usually you can also change your browser settings to prevent transfer. You should be aware that some functions may become unusable if you change the settings to block cookies.

Contact us

For more information or questions, contact us here.

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