What is included in Support, Training and Consulting?

Support, Training and Consulting Services

We typically get three (3) kinds of questions:
1) I try to do this, but it doesn't seem to work.
2) How do I do this?
3) Can you do this for me?

The three basic answers to these are:
1) Support: We always want to support you to make everything work the way it should.
2) Training: We always want to help you get trained so you will know how to accomplish what you want.
3) Consulting: We always want to make sure you can accomplish what you want even if you prefer to pay us to do the job, rather than doing it yourself.

To expand a bit on this, these are our definitions:

1) Support
Sonician will always be happy to answer type 1)-questions as part of our support-service through e-mail and chat for all users. We also include phone support regular business hours in CET (Central European Time) for Otto Standard & Enterprise users.

2) Training
We have built Otto such that you should be able to do everything you want yourself, and in order for you to know how-to, we include training on Fridays in three free webinars so you can do it on your own.
Webinar 01: On basics (including managing lists, contacts and newsletters), Friday at 2pm CET
Webinar 02: Intermediate level (including sequences and forms), Friday at 11am CET
Webinar 03: Advanced level (including page actions, triggers, tags and other advanced settings), Friday at 9am CET

You're always welcome to these webinars, even if you just want a refreshener. If you require more immediate help, then regular Consulting Fees will apply:

3) Consulting
If you require immediate training or you simply want us to do something for you, then our normal consulting fees apply:
a. 150€/hr option: If you only every now and then require our assistance, it's fine and will cost 125€/started hour.
b. 99€/hr option: If you think you occasionally will need some help, you may want to consider our block of 10 hours consulting @ 95€/hr to be used over 12 months. When purchasing this option (from here: https://www.sonician.com/support/cart.php?gid=10 ) we will set up time-tracking for your account which makes sure you will not need to pay a full hour for only a 15 min question.
c. 65€/hr option for proactive work: Our Rent-a-Marketer service will help you every week with proactive work as agreed upon, which means that the per hour fee may come down to as little as 65€, see http://www.sonician.com/en/rent-a-marketer for more information.

How to get started

Send us a quick note on what you would like to accomplish!

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