Customers and References of Results

Sales Process updates

got a simpler process for attracting trial-customers leading to a significant increase in leads.

got a 4,5 x increase in leads generated through a scheduled lead-generation process from the web.

got a review of their marketing plan in order to lower its customer acquisition cost significantly.

was contemplating entering another international market, and we performed a study to see how many of the potential customers in this market we could get to opt-in to a potential automated-sales process through cold-calls to 73 individuals during one day performed by a non-industry-qualified, low-cost contractor from the same country. 43% agreed to accept automated information, and out of these, another half actively read the information measured by actual clicks.

Custom-built Webpages Design that sell

got a web-page to reflect their more aggressive style, and by making it much easier to contact the company:

got 3 x more customers during the course of the first five days that a prospect had been in contact with the company, and an increase in opt-in to its newsletters increasing by as much as 20 x. The company also got a web-page designed specifically to allow an easy buy-process with its own shopping cart:

got a web-page with a Magento shopping cart to market its products:

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