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For Otto, we always recommend to use a separate domain.

For Commend-Me, it's ok to use our sub-domain ask-tool.com so your domain will be e.g. yourcompanyname.ask-tool.com, but we would recommend using a separate domain for Commend-Me, too.

Why is this?

This question is really three-fold, and you have to think about it from these three perspectives for when you make e-mail send-outs:

  • For your recipients: We want to allow our users to be MORE professional than all other e-mail marketing and autoresponder systems, and for this, an own e-mail address need to be used. These other systems send out from their own servers using their own domains which often will give your recipients notices such as "mail sent via" or "on behalf of". For the recipient, this wouldn't be particularly relationship-building at all.
  • If you have doubts why we suggest you send e-mails out from another domain than your own primary domain, then we agree there are both Pros and Cons with it:
    • + You can get going instantly, and won't have to mess with any settings yourself if we get to set up the system and the domain (and then even e-mail-addresses) on the fly for you.
    • + If you choose a ".info" domain, it even makes more sense to users since it's likely going to be used for information, but also the more common: .com, .net, .co, .eu or any other will be valid, as will e.g. your own business name with a possessive "-s" at the end, which surprisingly often is available.
    • + If you send very many e-mails, it may be a benefit to separate it from your main domain in order to increase deliverability of both primary domain and the one use for communication via Otto.
    • - There's often a three-month lower e-mail deliverability which means your e-mail may be slightly worse treated at the start in some spam-filters.
  • If the question is about why we at all install Otto at some other domain, it’s because it needs to be installed automatically in the cloud for our client, at a place where it's easily accessible and reachable for both our clients and our clients' contacts. And since it's both a hosted account, an e-mail server, the application itself and its database that needs to be installed, and that we want to install as a complete separate entity so our clients can be 100% certain that their user data won't be mixed with anybody elses.

Does it matter from a technical perspective, and do I need to take a final decision now?

No, it doesn't really matter too much from a technical perspective, and since the other domain will be set up anyway, you should just choose one now that you CAN use in the future if you want. You can very well choose to send from mailaddress@company.info that Otto sits on, or from mailaddress@company.com if that would be your primary domain for different send-outs even.

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