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We have done everything possible on the included Otto mail-servers to ensure the highest possible e-mail deliverability including things like the right DNS-settings, SPF, Sender-ID, DKIM, Domain Keys and our send-out mechanism will even parse written e-mails to try to catch things that could be seen as spam. However, nothing can ever be made completely fool-proof, and there are still some things spam-filters won't like.

Here are a few things you should think of when writing e-mails yourself:

  • Don't send from a domain that is less than three months old as this may give you a higher score with some spam-filters.
  • Don't use other than English A-Z characters in the subject line as this may give you a higher score. Luckily only mildly higher (fortunately for us who have other characters in our languages).
  • Don't use another anchor than the actual link itself for a link, e.g. don't use Click Here, but rather:
  • Don't use links to sites ending with .php if you can avoid it since Microsoft Outlook doesn't like those if you have other things also giving you a slightly higher spam-score.

Of course, one of the ways to really make sure you get through, is to not only use e-mail as a way to communicate. To actually call a person is naturally often more personal, although it also means it's more time-consuming with many contacts you want to reach.

There are more ways of communication that you can automate where you still can use the tracking capabilities of Otto, however. Have a look at these different ways of Cross-Media Multi-Channel Marketing that you can use, including tracking capabilities with short, personal URL (PURL) and QR-codes:
Cross-Media Multi-Channel Marketing via sms, printed media, newsletter-formated e-mail and personal e-mail via Otto


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