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Smart web-form build-up to get more, and the right data

The more you ask from a web-site visitor, the less likely he or she will be to actually fill in your form at all.

That's why we most often recommend to start just ask for a name and e-mailaddress.

However, sometimes it's vital to get more information, and we'll list a couple of things you can do. Note that you normally should only do one of these things, as the form is just getting longer and longer the more you ask for, and the likeliness of getting it filled in will diminish. You most likely have to test what works best for you!

Tips to get just the right info in your web-form:

Remember, the web-site visitor will need to understand the reason for needing to supply the information!

  • Ask for a phone number an option item, e.g. you can put small asterisks (*) after name and e-mail address, and write something like: Leave nr for SMS to see demo for the phone number field.
  • Give the option of two forms to fill in, where you'll tell the visitor that if he fills in the second, he will get juicier information, but then he will be required to sign an NDA first.
  • Have a physical report, CD, giveaway or brochure that you'll say you'll only send physically to the user. Then Otto can handle to send the physical stuff for you, too.
  • Make leaving just the postal code an input-field in addition to e-mail, and make it optional. Then you can get an idea of the distribution of your visitors.

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