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You can do a lot of things depending on the page visit that a known user will do after for example clicking a link in an e-mail:
  • Set a lead score, e.g. +1, +5 or -3
  • Add the user to a new sequence, e.g. saying "Since we believe you're interested in X, here is some more info..."
  • Tag them by adding the user to a specific list, e.g. you want to later export a list of all contacts interested in X for manual follow-up
  • REMOVING them from a sequence, e.g. if you're sending reminders for people signing up for something, it may be worthwhile to remove them from the "reminding-them-sequence" once they've actually signed up
  • Removing them from a list, e.g. if you have a send-out to a list you'll also want to call, except if you know they've either signed up, shown other interest, or been interested only in the (for you) wrong things.

You do all this on the Action Pages of your tracker, that you'll see an example of to the right.

Example of special use: Add a contact to more than one sequence
If you want to add a contact to more than one sequence, you can set a page action on the "thank-you" page of the first sequence a contact will be added to.

If the majority of such new contacts have not previously let themselves known, e.g. by clicking a link, you should also forward the details of the contact's e-mail address to the thank-you-page, just in case. You do this by appending the e-mailaddress as a "utm_source"-variable when you're setting the thank-you page you should be directed to under the sequence settings of your first sequence. This will look something like e.g. www.companyxyz.com/thank-you?utm_source=%ct_email% where %ct_email% is the short code for writing out the e-mail address of the newly subscribed contact to the first sequence.

Where do you find these trigger actions?

You find it under Action Center -> Page Actions

How do I get started?

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