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Support, Training and Consulting Services

We typically get three (3) kinds of questions:
1) I try to do this, but it doesn't seem to work.
2) How do I do this?
3) Can you do this for me?

The three basic answers to these are:
1) Support: We always want to support you to make everything work the way it should.
2) Training: We always want to help you get trained so you will know how to accomplish what you want.
3) Consulting: We always want to make sure you can accomplish what you want even if you prefer to pay us to do the job, rather than doing it yourself.

To expand a bit on this, these are our definitions:

1) Support
We will always be happy to answer type 1)-questions as part of our support-service through e-mail  for all users. We also include phone support regular business hours in CET (Central European Time) for Otto Standard & Enterprise users.

2) Training
We have built Otto such that you should be able to do everything you want yourself, but since it can do so much, it can be intimidating to know where to start, and in order for you to know how-to, we have several online tutorials in our knowledgebase and videos to make it easier for you to do everything possible with Otto on your own.

We will also be happy to do a custom online training for you at our regular Normal-Level Consulting Fee as per below:

3) Consulting
If you require training as soon as possible or you simply want us to do something for you, then our normal consulting fees apply:
a. High-level: If you only every now and then require our assistance with something specific or strategic to you at a priority that will include more strategic and/or development, the consulting fee will start from $150 per hour, but will need to be agreed in advance to make sure we're capable to perform it during the time-period you wish.
b. Normal on-line level $95/hr option: If you occasionally will need some help with the system performing its ordinary tasks, you may want to consider our block of 10 hours consulting @ $95/hr to be used over 12 months. When purchasing this option (from here: https://support.cnvert.com/cart.php?gid=10 ) we will set up time-tracking for your account which makes sure you will not need to pay a full hour for only a 15 min question.
c. $75/hr option for proactive work: Our Rent-a-Marketer service will help you every week with proactive work as agreed upon, which means that the per hour fee may come down to as little as around $75, see http://cnvert.com/en/rent-a-marketer for more information. This is also subject to available Rent-a-Marketers from our side.

How to get started

Send us a quick note on what you would like to accomplish!


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