Choose your Commend-Me plan to get your NPS score, get customer feedback, testimonials and more Google reviews (PLUS email addresses in option B)

With our Double Satisfaction Guarantee, you can't go wrong: You will be invoiced quarterly and since you can cancel with 30 days notice at any time, it's easy to just try out for 3 months if you wish!
  • A: Commend-Me [A] is for Companies who HAS E-Mails to their clients)

    €65,00/3 mo
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    • Suitable for consultancy organizations and small businesses with max a couple of 100 clients (on a monthly basis)

      The product can easily be upgraded to handle send-outs to more clients

      The product can also be used to handle contacts and do marketing send-outs and can support multiple admins, e.g. sales representatives in its upgraded form.
  • B: Commend-Me [B] is for Service Companies who do NOT have e-mails to its clients yet.

    From €49,00/3 mo
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    • Suitable for Service Places, e.g. Restaurants, beauty saloons and shops who want to capture e-mail addresses of clients, filter out negative critique and get positive feedback as good Google Reviews.

      An extra at-cost setup fee can apply if you want us to design and print the physical business cards with the QR-code and link asking the client to help make you perform better.

      This product is upgradeable so you'll also get an e-mail send-out function.
Included With Every Plan
  • The full system has CRM or Bulk-CRM (build relations with many, but still personally), E-mail Marketing, Lead and Contact Management, Lead Capturing, Lead Nurturing, Web tracking, Lead Scoring.
  • It can handle an Unlimited number of contacts, sequences, newsletters, campaigns, market plans, PURL-codes, QR-codes, lists & tags.
  • It can also be used as a NPS-system, GDPR-consent-getting, booking, survey system and form-building landing-page creators for your marketing campaigns.