Training Dates

Scheduled Sales Director Training Workshops on how to Automate your Sales

...with the goal to get at least one extra happy Sales Guy at the cost of only half-a-lunch per day.

Discover how you can most easily implement sales on autopilot in your own sales process in an ultra-efficient workshop over just half-a-day.

Go here for the Workshop Calendar of how to Automate your Sales

Contents of the Sales Workshop

You will learn how to quickly implement:

  • How to get most leads from a web-site at lowest cost
  • The simplest system to get leads through cold-calling without the caller needing 5 years experience and a university degree.
    • Even a 20-year old will be able to make such calls, and
    • he or she will be able to make twice as many calls using this simple and extremely cost efficient system than any normal sales representative will make unless they use an expensive predictive call center dialer
  • How to handle such an increased amount of leads in a fully automated system to pan for the golden nuggets of the leads that do have a budget, show a real interest, and are most likely to buy.

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+44 (0) 20 30 14 37 51

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